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Web Sign in and H-card

Now that I own my domain name, let’s setup Web Sign In with Octopress. We’ll also add an h-card, so that I own my digital identity.

1 – add the asides

This one is easy, head to your source/_includes/asides, and add the following file:

Just add asides/about_me.html to your _config.yml in default_asides, and that’s it!

Profit :) You can now sign in the IndieWebCamp wiki \o/

2 – Use gravatar for your image (optional)

If you want a picture of you also, I took the decision to use gravatar. To make this working, just cd plugins; wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/joet3ch/gravatar-octopress/master/gravatar.rb

Thanks joet3ch for his plugin :) (Unfortunatelly, I’ll not be able to webmention him because, he is not part of IndieWeb.. We’ll learn about webmention soon!)

Final thoughts

I now control my identity online!


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