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Domain Name and Github

This is the first article on how to IndieWebifyme with Octopress and GitHub. This is the first part of the level 1, get a domain name.


To start, I’ll assume you have a working octopress with github pages.

1 – Domain name

So to IndieWebify me, the first step is the domain name. I bought pierre-o.fr for 5€/y. I use bookmyname as registrar. I find it is the cheapest, service is simple and working.

2 – CNAME in the DNS registrar

Go to your registrar (or DNS provider) and configure the CNAME to point to your github username.

config for DNS
www CNAME pierreozoux.github.io

3 – CNAME file in the project

Then, just add a CNAME file into your project, in the source folder, with this content:


That’s it! Commit your change, generate and deploy!

Final thoughts

I now own my online indentity. The domain name that represent the entry point of my online indentity belongs to me. Nobody can close this service, ask me 100€ for that, or censor me from now on! Of course we can discuss this concept with the light that DNS is centralised, but it is a lot better than a namespace behind facebook walls!

If you have any questions/doubts, please, let me know!


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