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Why Open Source Is Great... How to Make Ey-local Working With Mysql and Unicorn

When Engine Yard released ey-local, I was amazed as it was promising to facilitate my work. But it was a bit (s/bit/lot/) more difficult than ey-local up

I’ll try to explain quickly how I went thou the obstacles.


I already explained How to isolate vagrant env, and it was indeed because ey-local is using the old vagrant.

The right workflow

The code of ey-local is open source but not in a git repo, so I had to find my way, to make a sustainable workflow.

Patch the recipes

On the way, I found it would be great to modify as little as possible the current workflow, so I decided to use the patch scheme that was already setup in the gem for the recipes.

The 1st issue was that, it was not working out of the box, so I wrote a first patch that make the gem behaving correctly regarding the basics.

Give back to the community

Looking at the EngineYard support, I saw a great demand for certain features, that I wanted also. So I thought it would be great to give back to the community.

It is how I decided to go thou the creation of this github repo. So this is a place for us to share our patches for ey-local!

Hopefully, EngineYard will reuse this material for the next releases.

Hacky? Hacky!

Yes it is unfortunately really hacky, and the next step for ey-local, would be to modify it so well, that we have a replacement for ey command.

It should behave exactly the same, and maybe add a configuration file for the configuration we normally do online!

That’s Why open source is great…

But it would be greater with a git repo :)

As always, feel free to comment/insult/troll!

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